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Our Shetland Sheep

Our Shetlands are pasture raised in rotation with our cattle.  We selected Shetlands that come from proven lines that provide great wool and mothering abilities. Shetlands are a heritage breed known for their adaptability, hardiness, longevity, and lambing ease. These little sheep are easy to get along with and take care of themselves. They also come in a large variety of beautiful colors.


Shetland ewe
Raw Sheland Fleece
Shetland ewe

Chula is a ewe who was lambed in April 2015. She was a triplet and was bottle raised because her mother could only count to 2. We added Chula to our flock in the fall of 2016. She is White with the Pheomelanin gene and carries Morrit.


Shetland ewe
Musket Shetland ewe
Raw Shetland Fleece

Esaung is a ewe who was lambed in 2010. She was a twin and is a great mother. She is Musket in color.


Previous Sire


Koenig is a ram who was lambed in 2018. He has the best personality, super gentle. Koenig is a Moorit with Flecket/ Katmoget markings.


Sgt. Pepper


Pajamas is a ewe who was lambed 2019. She is a registered Romeldale CVM. 




Hannibal is a ram who was lambed in 2016. He is a Cheviot cross. 

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